Hi there!

Welcome to Our Funny Farm website! I'm Don Smith and my wife and partner in this exciting, crazy life is Hollis Ellen.

Hollis and I with one of our wonderful granddaughters, Anora.

Hollis and I with one of our wonderful granddaughters, Anora.

We met at the University of Maine in 1981 and promptly fell madly in love. After a crazy hitchhiking trip across the country, where we actually did find the meaning of life, we were married  and proceeded to start a family. We now have two amazing children, Amanda and Isaiah. They are grown up now and have awesome lives of their own. Our daughter has brought a wonderful son-in-law to us, and they have gifted us with two beautiful granddaughters. We've lived in Maine most of our lives, and love it here. Hiking, camping, kayaking, and cross-country skiing (anything that lets us explore this wonder-filled state), are our second favorite activities. When we had the opportunity to buy this log cabin and land, we began to realize our dream of having some kind of farm. We decided we would farm fun. So we called it the Funny Farm!


There were no gardens here at all at first. But as we have everywhere we have lived, we started digging up lawn. We made flower gardens and vegetable gardens, raised beds, rock walls and water features. It is so much fun to create a beautiful space, and to get to raise your own food!

So that is us, in a nutshell so to speak.  That makes us sound like we're nuts. Well, I guess that brings us to the story of starting a Funny Farm! (That will be the next post!)