Our Funny Farm provides the following services:


Garden Planning:

Many things need to be considered when laying out a garden: how much light it gets, soil conditions, and moisture to mention a few. And then, of course, you want a variety of colors, sizes and textures as well as a selection of plants that it will be colorful all summer long. If you'd like some help figuring out what would be the best plants to fill in that certain spot, we'd be happy to come visit. 

Garden Maintenance:

Lets face it we are all crazy busy! Gardens need lots of work to keep them at their prime beauty and there is nothing more discouraging than have beautiful flowers choked out with weeds. We maintain both commercial and private gardens by watering,weeding, thinning, dividing and deadheading plants so that gardens always look their best. Maintenance can be temporary, for someone on vacation or enduring a hospital stay, or ongoing as a weekly or bimonthly checking in.